Largely inspiring the boom in online gambling, online poker is HUGE. Many rooms, many players, many winners. Employing the latest techniques in search engine optimization, services like TNG/Earthling help players find the online casinos that offer the most popular games.

The centerpiece of the online poker menu is, of course, Texas Hold’em. Though the trendy celebrity of the game is dwindling back to more reasonable levels, there are still millions of players worldwide who enjoy and profit from online tournaments and ring games. More than a few of these players have gone on to ‘real world’ championships, following in the footsteps of the now-legendary Chris Moneymaker.

I have a number of business clients who enjoy online poker. We often discuss what we consider the best online gambling sites. During the holidays when I send out corporate gifts I always try to find some additional poker / gambling goodie that I know they would appreciate. In my old corporate life we would also use corporate gift baskets to celebrate commemorative special events for our employees. Sometimes it was to motivate our business teams with corporate gift baskets for the long hours and hard work on those special projects or landing that big customer, while other times a corporate gift basket would be to recognize individuals and make it a special day for them. I have always felt that corporate gifts are an ideal way to both celebrate and send congratulations. Of course regular gift baskets are great too. My ideal birthday gift would be a gift basket filled with lots of gourmet tasty goodies, a bottle or two of good wine, and an evening playing online poker with a group of buddies. Hint, hint.

  • Anyway, if you want to rub elbows or cross cards with the man more responsible for Texas Hold’em than anyone else, there’s only one place to go: Doyle’s Room. The Texas Dolly is truly in residence at the online poker room that bears his name (no, really — you can play against him, and if you’re really good, join him on a poker vacation in Las Vegas!). Doyle now offers an online casino USA players can enjoy, too!
  • If one poker star isn’t enough, try Poker Stars — where you can’t hardly sneeze without knocking down a celebrity player. It’s not all about the  glamor, however; Poker Stars is top-quality Internet poker, second to none. How else could they have achieved a Guinness World Record for most online players?
  • On the opposite end, we’re big fans of the deliciously no-nonsense Cake Poker, which grew from being a ‘best kept secret’ among online poker pros to an international poker network with 24/7 tournaments — and customer support that nobody can beat. And, like the others, if you need a break from poker for a minute or two, there are plenty of online slots to satisfy any need for variety.
  • If you must have the biggest names in online poker, then nothing but Full Tilt and/or bodog will do. Sure, they’re the style choice, but that doesn’t mean that they sacrifice substance. Both poker rooms attract more customers than the competition for a few very good reasons, especially 24/7 tournaments and ring games with competition to match your skills and bankroll.

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