One of the most surprising success stories of the online gambling revolution is online bingo.

Now, I don’t want to offend anyone, but traditional bingo is just about the last game I would have expected to take off in the online environment. How excited could anyone really get about a slow-moving game most often found in church basements and local charity events? And let’s face it…the stereotypical bingo player is not likely to be overly Internet savvy…

Well, just goes to show you how wrong I was, about many things (for one thing, I didn’t realize until fairly recently just how popular bingo was among players of all ages in places like the UK!). Online bingo is a fast-paced, even raucous gathering of social-minded players. They’ve developed their own lingo, their own style, and their own communities; as World of Warcraft was to fantasy games, online bingo is to gambling.

And the prizes have made plenty of progress, as well; in fact, online bingo players regularly vie for six-figure jackpots and luxury vacations and gift items. Several sites have wide range of prizes so that almost everyone has a shot at winning. For examples, jewelry items – often rings – can range from large gold statement rings to small plastic trinkets. It seems that cz rings (cubic zirconia rings) are extremely popular because they look like diamonds. In fact, many people prefer cz rings to more expensive stones because no one except the wearer will ever know the difference. See if you can tell the difference – imo, cz rings look like diamonds – check it out at! Many bingo prizes are money jackpots. The big money usually comes from tournaments and progressive jackpots (in the bingo games themselves or with the online slots also featured at most online bingo halls), but from many other special promotions and chat game rewards as well.

While online bingo is seeing its biggest audience in the UK, there are plenty of places like Bingo HallBingo Knights(, and South Beach Bingo that cater specifically to the US players (and don’t get me going on 90-ball versus 75-ball bingo). Like the UK sites, American bingo halls throw in a number of slots and other games that make the sites more like an online casino USA than ‘merely’ a place to play bingo.

Just as poker is considered a “man’s game” despite the ever-growing number of female players, you could be forgiven for thinking that online bingo is a women’s only club when you see the feminine touch on sites like Giggle BingoFoxy Bingo, and especially 888Ladies. Don’t let the looks fool you; the numbers show that plenty of dudes are catching on, too.

The simple fact is that it is a fun and entertaining way to spend a little spare time. They are wildly inventive. This is the way it is across the board, with design, prizes and gameplay. If you have never checked it out you might find that you too have a great time. Maybe you will find yourself enjoying a bit her and a bit there until, like many others, you find you are spending way to much time with it because of the pure joy it causes you to have.

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