Nope, we’re not even sure what it means. TTPONL? Your guess is as good as ours…

It looks like an acronym, doesn’t it? But what could TTPONL possibly stand for? TTYL, that we understand…maybe it has something to do with online blackjack?

If it’s not an acronym, it must be a very obscure word indeed — Google sure doesn’t know what to do with it. It’s almost mesmerizing in its opacity.

But never let it be said that we’ll get stymied or sidetracked simply because we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing. That’s exactly when we do our best work!

Hey, if Gnuf can make a nonsense word work, so can we. Who is Gnuf, you ask? Well…they’re an online gambling company that offers online blackjack and other casino games — poker, bingo, and more.

But we may be jumping the gun here. Our readers may not quite understand online gambling, or may be working with bad or outdated information. This site also has much more information than most of the others, organized to display both brick and mortar and online casinos.

Online gambling has become a major industry over the last decade or so. The technology finally got to a point where a player could safely and swiftly access great-looking online slots and other versions of classic (and modern!) land-based gambling games. At the same time, the Texas Hold’em craze introduced or inspired countless players all over the world, just as smoking bans and other factors drove people away from traditional brick-and-mortar gambling venues.

Players quickly discovered that online gambling offered real rewards (starting with a no deposit bonus, all the way to millions in progressive jackpots) as well as a significant increase in convenience. Gone were the days when a player had to set aside time and money for a Vegas vacation or a weekend trip to an often-disappointing regional casino or sportsbook. Gone also were all of the unavoidable extra expenses of time and money that such sojourns inevitably entail.

In return, players gained the freedom to play at a sportbook, bingo hall, poker room, or online casino USA from their homes…and in very short time, from anywhere at all; the past few years have seen an explosion in wireless coverage and mobile computing sophistication, which combined to give access to online gambling to laptops, netbooks, and finally even PDAs and Internet-enabled cell phones.

That’s not all; add in a wide range of betting limits (one can play the vast majority of online gambling games for mere pennies, as well as going for the opposite extreme with serious high-roller games) and much-improved payout percentages (when you don’t have to pay for buffets and elaborate stage shows you have a lot more money to give back to the customer!).

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